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Censorship of the Internet is on the rise

Porn taxes, ISP censorship and upload filters are just a few ways our Internet freedoms are being eroded. If you haven’t already, it’s time to get a VPN

Australian and New Zealand ISP’s start censoring the Internet

After the events in Christchurch, ISP’s in Australia and New Zealand took the unprecedented step of blocking their customers access to entire sites across the Internet. BitChute was one of the sites affected and remains blocked at this time. We were not contacted prior to the censorship. Instead, we have received a steady flood of people noting that the site is unavailable in the two countries unless a VPN is used.

BitChute is strongly opposed to this direct contravention to the civil liberties that citizens are supposed to have. If you agree with us and do not wish to see this type of censorship becoming more common place you may wish to vote with your wallet and change your ISP. A list of ISP’s that took this action have been included below.

Spark NZ, Vodafone NZ, and Vocus NZ.
Telstra AU and Vodafone AU.

£5 PORN TAX to browse X-rated sites from the UK

From April 1st, anyone attempting to access Pornhub, YouPorn and several other adult sites from a UK device will be redirected to a non-pornographic “landing page”, operated by AgeID. Internet users will be able to pay with a credit card or alternatively “porn passes” will be sold by thousands of shops across the UK.

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) will also be able to block porn websites if they fail to show they are denying access to under-18s.

We oppose governments charging any amount, for any reason to access the Internet. Once a system like this has been established it will be very tempting for politicians to extend the use-cases and increase the cost in order track an individuals online use and levy further taxes. Many have questioned the effectiveness of ‘porn passes’ when it is equally possible and far more private to obtain porn by using a VPN. When using a VPN your connection will appear to come from a country of your choosing such as the US or a different part of Europe.

EU passes copyright directive which will lead to a more censored internet


The European Union (EU) has passed all articles of the Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive.  Article 13 of the copyright directive mandates that websites are absolutely responsible for keeping copyrighted materials ever getting onto their sites. This is a shift from the existing laws that allow sites a reasonable amount of time to deal with copyright claims.

Under the new EU copyright directive, video hosting sites will need to implement some sort of upload filter to make sure that pieces of copyright infringing material never get uploaded. Such technology will be riddled with problems, and even Google hasn’t figured out how to do this yet. Imagine how difficult this will be for live-streaming sites where at any moment in time copyrighted material could appear on screen.

Some have even suggested that websites may need to block or restrict certain access to the EU entirely. Sales in technologies such as VPN’s that are able to bypass such restrictions are likely to skyrocket.

Private Internet Access VPN Service is powered by a state of the art, tier-1 multi-gigabit private network. Protect your privacy and confidentiality with a hidden IP address and encrypted traffic. In addition to this your purchases help us to improve the BitChute service.

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  1. Kolokol Kolokol

    Apple mail consistently puts links from BitChute into the spam folder no matter what rules or settings one devises to deliver BitChute’s notifications to the inbox.

  2. Your website, Bitchute, is needed now more than ever before. Bitchute (if properly maintained) will be the worlds leading video website while all others crumble and fall. You must remain true though, do not censor under ANY circumstance!!!

  3. Jay Jacobs Jay Jacobs

    That you, Shitchute. There are only a very few vid sites that allow freedom. Brighteon is another.

  4. VagabondXRay VagabondXRay

    Optus aren’t allowing you through either.

    And I need to correct Jay Jacobs. Brighteon are in fact now censored, they capitulated to their platform hosts in order to stay open. Hopefully they will change hosts very soon and put that behind them.

  5. I just happened to be in the process of switching to Vodafone NZ, but I cancelled that and told them why.

  6. Mark D. Jacobsen Mark D. Jacobsen

    Hey Bitchute, it seems the only way to support you is thru crypto. Do you have any other way to pay for your services?

  7. Krushov Krushov

    Alright, then. WE will get our own IoT and run it as we like. Fuck you, Big Brother.

  8. Arbus Arbus

    Optus have stopped IP blocking, only DNS blocking so the speeds are a bit better thankfully. Still no hope for this country.

  9. Albert Albert

    Keep alive Bitchute, they should not be allowed to play good. Who the f%%k do they think they are!

  10. We must not let our internet fall into darkness

  11. StablizdBlodd StablizdBlodd

    HItler was Austrian, not German.

  12. I’d like to share this article with friends. Maybe it will get more people joining this site.

  13. Lastjedi Lastjedi

    Go bitchute, have gotten vpn up and running.
    Screw the Eu and big brother

  14. OpenToTruth OpenToTruth

    Freedom of speech and freedom of investigating things is important. Any event happening in the world if people want to analyze it they should have freedom to do so even if it is a controversial topic. For example investigating what police has done. Or people wanting to investigate events whether government or some party did something wrong. For example if a certain government does something wrong it is quite expected they would not let people to investigate and see the truths.
    Showing controversial videos for the purpose of investigating things should be allowed, even if we disagree with them. That’s what science and free speech is all about: we need to let people to say what they want to say even if we disagree. If we do not like what they say… hey, nobody is forcing you to watch their videos – just skip them :).

  15. Blameitontheboogie+or- Blameitontheboogie+or-

    I wish I could support you on PayPal, the trouble is George Soros is a major shareholder. I don’t know anything about cryptocurrency. Is Subscribestar reliable?
    The EU just needs to disappear. I’m always putting anti-EU comments online because I think they are a total waste of space. They are an unelected dictatorship and have no right whatever to tell people what they can and can’t say but they take power to themselves they have no right to and threaten those who oppose them.
    Thank you Bitchute for not censoring (well hardly ever). Can’t believe how the world has changed in such a short time.


    Désolé de vous décevoir tous , mais même ici, j’ai eu des vidéos censurées,
    ( et je précise que je ne souhaite diffuser que des séries tv, rien de porno ou autre contenu interdit ) et d’autres qui ne se lancent jamais, bien que l’upload soit allé jusqu’au bout,
    et jamais aucune explication…
    il m’ont même déjà fermé un compte ici, alors ne dites pas qu’il n’y a pas de censure !…

    Sorry to disappoint you all, but even here I had censored videos,
     (and I specify that I only want to broadcast tv series, nothing porn or other prohibited content) and others that never launch, although the upload has gone to the end,
    and never any explanation …
    I have already closed an account here, so do not say there is no censorship! …

  17. BitChute Support BitChute Support

    Hello Michael, as we have told you previously. We do require you to own the copyright of any content you upload. Removing a pirated movie is not the same as censorship.

  18. Colorado's last VOTE was stolen Colorado's last VOTE was stolen

    Try Express VPN ,
    We LOVE it!

  19. Mayfield Mayfield

    I’m in Melbourne and have no trouble accessing BitChute (ISP is Foxtel/Telstra).

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