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Patreon Part Two – Our Appeal Was Denied

We won’t be getting our Patreon account back after all. The entire situation from start to finish was odd, even the reason we were suspended changed from email to email. In the end, I got the feeling they just wanted us gone.

Which channels led to the suspension?

We never did find out which channels triggered this event or why Patreon thought our terms allowed any violent organizations. Perhaps there was a clue in this weeks speech by the Apple CEO Tim Cook where he called Infowars a violent organization. Infowars is not violent and they do not condone violence by anyone. It’s “a sin” Tim said, forgive me if I don’t take moral advice from a CEO whose iPhone production workers were known to kill themselves due to poor conditions.

What’s next?

We’re bringing in some more crypto integration very soon, it should be this week. We’re also bringing back credit card payments and in such a way that they will be far more resilient, yes it is possible, watch this space!


The Internet is the most wonderful invention of our lifetime, it has leveled the playing field between the richest and poorest among us in terms of education and information and communication. It has given ordinary people the ability to hold their leaders to account, it has decentralized news and media. The Internet and free expression go hand in hand but there is an attempt underway to change that. Media and Bigtech use names such as ‘hate speech’ but what they really mean is censorship. The Internet must remain open and free, we must all do our part to make sure it does.

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  1. Donald W. Donald W.

    Big tech is playing with Fire. and there is no scenario where they win. either they piss everyone off and lose the user base. or they continue their efforts until we come together and file claims against them. This is not the united states of Silicon Valley .

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